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Category: Shooting Sports

Building a small game hunting rifle fox jumping in snow

Building a Small Game Hunting Rifle

If you’re anything like me, picking all the pieces for your next small game hunting rifle can be a chore. Wasting money on parts I won’t use means ammo that [...]
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Long-Range Rifle

Building the Perfect Long-Range Rifle

Getting into shooting long-range, and building a long-range rifle is a new world to a lot of shooters. Many people shoot their entire lives thinking 100 yards is a far [...]
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is gun control effective

Is Gun Control Effective?

In 2021, the debate around firearms has reached new heights. The division continues to mount as America seemingly grows more and more violent, splitting the nation between pro-gun and pro-gun [...]
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How to get your girl into guns

How to Get Your Girl Into Guns

Let’s be honest — most gun owners want to get their partners and friends into guns. Whatever the reason, you want to get your girl into guns. Not only will [...]
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