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Category: Firearm Safety

is gun control effective

Is Gun Control Effective?

In 2021, the debate around firearms has reached new heights. The division continues to mount as America seemingly grows more and more violent, splitting the nation between pro-gun and pro-gun…
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How to get your girl into guns

How to Get Your Girl Into Guns

Let’s be honest — most gun owners want to get their partners and friends into guns. Whatever the reason, you want to get your girl into guns. Not only will…
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Beginner Rifles For All Ages

We have highlighted everything from single shot break actions to the semi-automatic 10/22. There should be something here to fit just about any new shooter and let them learn safety…
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Firearm Safety Is No Accident

-By Ryan Cleckner A BOOK ON CHILDRENS FIREARM SAFETY Table of Contents Firearm safety has always been big in the hunting and competition communities. Even if you don’t have a…
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