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Category: Hunting

Building a small game hunting rifle fox jumping in snow

Building a Small Game Hunting Rifle

If you’re anything like me, picking all the pieces for your next small game hunting rifle can be a chore. Wasting money on parts I won’t use means ammo that [...]
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Beginner Rifles For All Ages

We have highlighted everything from single shot break actions to the semi-automatic 10/22. There should be something here to fit just about any new shooter and let them learn safety [...]
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What Is A ‘Ghost Gun’?

The term ‘ghost gun’ is used to describe any homemade firearm produced by an individual, without a serial number or manufacturer markings.
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What is the Perfect Rifle Weight?

WHY DOES RIFLE WEIGHT MATTER? Your rifle weight can ruin a hunting trip or a trip to the range. Just like driving an 8 second drag car to get groceries, [...]
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