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Category: Rifles

The History of the Remington 700

If you’re a fan of bolt-action rifles, chances are you’ve heard of the Remington 700. This iconic rifle has been a staple in the firearms industry for over 50 years. [...]
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How to get your girl into guns

How to Get Your Girl Into Guns

Let’s be honest — most gun owners want to get their partners and friends into guns. Whatever the reason, you want to get your girl into guns. Not only will [...]
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What is the Perfect Rifle Weight?

WHY DOES RIFLE WEIGHT MATTER? Your rifle weight can ruin a hunting trip or a trip to the range. Just like driving an 8 second drag car to get groceries, [...]
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Remington 700 rifle laying on wood with a vortex scope, magpul hunter chassis, and triggertech primary trigger

Remington 700 Build

LONG RANGE HUNTING RIFLE After finding out certain areas of New York allow rifles for deer hunting, I decided it was time to get started building a decent hunting rifle. [...]
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