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Top 2-Point Tactical Slings For Any Budget

Not every tactical sling is right for every budget. That’s why we’re breaking down the best slings for those on a budget, those who are looking for the best bang for your buck, and those who want the pick of the litter.

Budget Option: CV-Life Two Point Sling

As some of the cheapest slings on Amazon, we found these slings surprisingly well made. They do not offer a quick adjustment, but they do have an elastic strap to allow you to push out with the rifle. However, this elastic may get annoying if you plan to do a lot of running. A heavy Airsoft build will also have quite a bit of bounce.

Made from very light nylon and plastic hardware, these slings are lightweight but not very durable. We purchased the two-pack and the sling hooked to a 10 lb rifle held up for two training sessions. The sling we placed on the pellet gun is still going strong, and the 1.5” webbing is comfortable.

The HK clips cannot be removed or replaced without cutting, so swapping to QD mounts isn’t really on the table.

At the current prices on Amazon, these make great slings for Airsoft players and Red Ryders.

Best Bang for the Buck: Wilcox X2 Rifle Sling

Wilcox X2 Slings came out during the pandemic as a way to support American-made products. All materials for these slings are sourced from privately owned American businesses to help bring manufacturing back home.

These slings are made with 1” Mil-Spec Nylon webbing rated for over 1,000 lbs. All hardware is Black-Oxide Coated steel for rust prevention and weather protection. Then just for good measure, we stitched it together with Kevlar thread.

Kevlar is flame-resistant, and therefore, will not melt like nylon thread. This means that the ends of the stitches have tiny little tails that can’t be burned off or melted. Although this will never matter during normal operation, melting the ends of nylon thread just looks cleaner.

The HK clips are included at the base price and can easily be swapped for your favorite QD mounts. These allow you to switch from a two-point to a single-point sling.

You can pick the color of your handle or choose to go without to keep the sling lower profile. The metal hardware doesn’t seem to make any more noise than plastic as long as it’s not flopping around, though plastic hardware tends to get brittle in cold-weather conditions. A broken sling on a two-week elk hunt is never a good thing.

Although not to be used as a tow-strap, we did pull a car across a parking lot with the sling hooked to the Tow-Hook.

The sling comes with more than enough adjustment for a person of almost any size. The length of pull is adjustable, as is the overall length. This means you can keep the quick-adjust handle easy to reach at all times while still having enough adjustment for weapon manipulation.

All Wilcox slings are handmade to order and checked by professional end-users before being shipped. Choose the Wilcox X2 Rifle Sling for great American-made quality at a very affordable price.

Pick of the Litter: Sly Tactical Slings

When the cost doesn’t matter and nothing but the best will do, choose the Sly tactical slings. At over double the cost of the Wilcox X2, they add a few more features.

The T-Handle is easier to find and grip, and the side release buckles are great in an emergency when fumbling for an HK clip or QD mount could mean your life.

A dedicated single-point clip is faster than using the hole in the HK clips, and the plastic sliders hold their position very well.

All slings are custom-sized and you have to be very specific about which one you want. If you are on the front lines or looking for the best sling money can buy, look no further.

The QD mounts and clips are sewn in and cannot be swapped or removed but replacement parts can be ordered if needed.

Sly Tactical slings are handmade in the United States, professionally assembled, and quality checked. They take a lot of pride in providing an excellent product.

What Makes the Wilcox X2 Sling Different?

A sling is more than just a way to hold your rifle without hands. When used properly, slings can be additional points of contact for your rifle or carbine that increase the accuracy and stability of shots taken from a standing or kneeling position.

Your grandpa’s old leather shoulder strap may be fine for an old hunting rifle, but it isn’t as fast as the new tactical slings. You have to remove the rifle before you can shoulder it, which requires a lot of movement and may spook the animal you’re hunting.

Tactical slings mount the rifle across your chest, and when fitted properly, are extremely quick to use. The stock will sit right in your shoulder pocket when you present and the rifle can easily be moved to the side or slung behind you so you can work with your hands.

The metal slider and adjusters on the Wilcox X2 will hold up better than plastic during normal hunting conditions, and you can rest assured you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Purchase the Wilcox X2 Rifle Sling 

The winner here really depends on your needs as a shooter. For occasional Airsoft use, the CVlife sling may be a perfect fit. The low price and light weight make it a great sling for light use.

If you plan on getting hung up while fast-roping out of a chopper into combat, the BERRY compliant Sly Tactical sling is a great pick. If that doesn’t happen to be your average Tuesday, the Wilcox X2 Rifle Sling will do everything you could need it to.

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